Pragmatism and fair play

Our attitude has remained down-to-earth despite our success – in other words our approach to customer relations and teamwork is based on fairness and mutual trust. We take our contacts within and outside of the company seriously.

We are prepared to listen no matter how complex your plant configuration.

Our customers are frequently municipalities or other public bodies. This means that reliability is our lifeblood.
In our line of business, we concentrate on what what can do best – and work with bespoke target solutions in mind. Despite our love of innovation, we enlist other specialists when encountering unfamiliar territory – preferring instead to operate by the maxim that growth only comes where energy is bundled.

 Our location


We have deliberately kept the the original location of our company over the years and intend for it to continue flourishing. The municipality of Arzfeld in the border area with Belgium and Luxembourg is a lively area in the heart of Europe, offering quality of life for young professionals and their families.

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Who we are looking for

Intelligent minds with team spirit

Our market is growing, and our team needs to grow as well. That means we are looking for committed and creative technicians, master technicians and apprentices who want to work independently with a flair for innovation, while making the most of career opportunities and enjoying getting to know other people and regions.

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What we offer

»MORITZ« is more than merely a good salary

Our staff enjoy a relaxed, friendly working environment and direct interaction with management. As a trained coach, Herbert Zahnen – like his wife Sabine who is responsible for the company’s human resources – always has an open ear to new ideas and the needs of staff. Flat hierarchies along with a motivational company suggestion system make it easy for staff to contribute their own creativity and inspirational ideas to the company’s knowledge pool.

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Healthy working environment on behalf of the customer

Specialist expertise and technological skills are Germany’s number one resource. At Zahnen Technik GmbH, we have developed a culture of work that promotes this resource intensively. Because we know that only motivated employees and “intelligent thinkers” make a crucial quality and price difference. Our approach in terms of fairness, good working conditions, a very constructive work environment and fluid hierarchies depending on project requirements has been crucial in gaining certification by the innovative “Employer Brand Eifel”.

The key aspect with us is the task we have to solve. This consequently ensures an optimum technical outcome while allowing the skills of each employee to flourish.

As a science-based company, we spur on technological progress in service of humanity. Just like our private and public customers who provide important services for a modern and pioneering society.