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Water is the most important resource of the future

Water means life!
Now and in the future.

We would like to support all operators of wastewater treatment plants, all over the world, and help them to digitise their individual technical standards at their facilities. In the future this will mean that all subsequent wastewater treatment plants will be extrapolated to the same standards as planned before. We have developed the unique, digital concept of ISO by Zahnen for this.

Individual Standard Optimisation

That’s how it works


In a first meeting with the plant operator we discuss the target standards and their wishes in detail. Thanks to our zahnen water engineering performance and fundamental knowledge of all important EU environmental requirements, we are able to optimise the individual standards for plant operators. That’s how you benefit from Consulting by Zahnen.


This is followed by the important step of digitising the individual client standards onto the ISO-Platform. This digitalisation is done by our ISO by Zahnen team.


The next step is to provide professional training for the plant operators as well as for the engineering offices and the plant constructor if necessary by the Zahnen academy.


Via the ISO-platform you will have access to your digitised knowledge, to administer your individual standard optimal and, of course, you can develop it further on. New technologies, like Pure Water by Zahnen, will be provided dynamically to the platform.


At all times in the future, all parties involved will be on the same level. Now Operators, engineering offices and plant construction companies can cooperate much more efficiently by using the ISO Platform.

Your advantages at first sight

In future you will be able to use your digitised construction standard 24 hours a day, seven days a week and develop it further on. So participants will gain the maximum safety in planning.

For operators this means

  • more operational reliability,
  • more viability for the future,
  • better performance
  • and significant cost reductions as a result.

For engineering offices this means

  • a higher quality of the tender documents,
  • the tender complies 1 to 1 with the clients wishes
  • a faster creation of the tender documents.

For plant construction companies this means

  • clearly defined standards
  • and time saving in Engineering
  • by generating productive documents (circuit diagrams, PLC programs, construction documents, documentation)

What experts say…


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