Experience by Zahnen

Zahnen Technik looks back onto decades of fundamental experience in designing and building waste water treatment plants and has several hundred reference plants built. Our knowledge in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and process engineering as well as standardization and digitization allows us to accompany our customers nationally and internationally when optimising, modernising or constructing their water- and waste water treatment plants.

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Control Cloud by Zahnen

You can put your complete control system in our control cloud and access all your systems easily and conveniently from all over the world. We provide the complete hardware and software as well as the operating system and take over the complete system support. Our cloud also offers unlimited resources and flexibility. All requirements according to the EU-DSGVO and Kritis-Regulation are complied. Regular software updates produce many new innovations and ensure maximum safety. The costs can be planned - a monthly fee will be charged.

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Academy by Zahnen

With our "zahnen water engineering performance" we support operators, plant constructors and engineering offices all over the world to use our decades of experience in water and wastewater engineering for their future projects. Through our engineering competence, the countries or companies receive the solution for clean water in a digital platform. Zahnen Technik accompanies the process and the people who are involved in order to enable them to develop their Action and management skills. This is done by webinars trainings and consulting.

ISO by Zahnen

ISO by Zahnen is a collective platform, where the complete water engineering performance ist digitally collected. In addition, decades of Zahnen experience is digitised and combined to this central point. With this concept we are revolutionising the market. Our philosophy is to provide our knowledge to the costumers and guide them. We help you to optimize your existing plant and to build a new one. ISO by Zahnen is the main aspect and in addition we support you with Academy by Zahnen and Consulting by Zahnen. With these digital platform, we make our know-how in these disciplines available worldwide.

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Pure Water by Zahnen

Our fundamental experience in designing and building waste water treatment plants and working together with the science, has resulted in new standards and products for continuous improvement of water quality. These products/processes and the associated knowledge are passed on directly via our platform to ensure added value and clean water in developing countries.

Consulting by Zahnen

ISO by Zahnen supports all operators of wastewater treatment plants, all over the world, and help them to digitize their individual technical standards at their facilities. We provide professional trainings for the plant operators as well for the enginieering office and the plant constructor if necessary. The operator will be very well trained on how to use the ISO platform in ordert o manage his individual standards and even develop them further.

R&D by Zahnen

The continuous cooperation with the science, secures that we are state of the art and beyond state of science.